Regain control of your eCommerce distribution channels

BlueBoard is a tracking tool that allows real-time monitoring of your products' availability, prices & customer reviews for all your online retailers. Brands use BlueBoard to keep an eye on their online retailers and analyze their customers' satisfaction.
  • BlueBoard works with brands in consumer electronics, cosmetics, home appliances, toys, sport accessories and fashion worldwide.

A Tracking tool for Brands

Monitor your products' vital information

BlueBoard monitors all your products at your online retailers in terms of:


Gain complete transparency into your resellers' prices at a glance. Identify easily MAP violations and price drops. Ensure your retailers promotional compliance.


Get to know your products availability at all your retailers: in stock, limited quantity, out of stock, pre-order ... Be alerted automatically when your product is sold by a 3rd party retailer.

Customers ratings

Analyze customers' satisfaction online and improve shopper engagement by monitoring your products average rating. Know how many reviews you need to reach the next level.

BLUEBOARD features

Regain control of your online distribution channels

Price drop or availability issue? Check your email. What happened at Amazon 2 months ago? Let's check the timeline.

Automatic alerting via email

Be alerted in case of availability issues, price change or new user's review.

All your products under control

All your team can track your products and competitors from BlueBoard.

Export to Excel

Analyze your data in details using Microsoft Excel.

Unlimited history

All events are logged, forever. Keep a track of MAP violations, availability issues, average rating trends, ...

History charts

Get instant visibility on prices and availability in the past months.

Top support

We're here for you via online chat, email or Skype.

Supported retailers


Online retailers under monitoring


targeted countries: US, France, UK, Germany, Nordics or Asia


dedicated to consumer electronics, cosmetics, home appliances and fashion

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Regain control of your eCommerce distribution channels